March Challenge.

We apologize for being a bit late on our Monthly Challenge.  Shanna had surgery at the beginning of the month and Elizabeth has been at the hospital with Georgia Grace who has been under going testing.

Change your surface!!! For your next work, switch up your surface and let us know what challenges it presents, what advantages you found, how it might shape your work! Every time either of us feels a bit stagnant, we change materials of some sort. The surface is the biggest thing to change and it’s so interesting to RESPOND and REACT! It’s never a masterpiece, but it might just help you for the next painting!

Let’s see what you can do!  Post your paintings that you are working from either from life or reference in our Facebook Inspired to Paint Students page so we can all be inspired!  We are so excited to see what you are doing!


Here is a major shift for me – a figure piece of her daughter painted to gessoed hard board, not much give in that surface.  I took a piece of MDF and brushed acrylic gesso on it leaving a bit a texture so it wasn’t totally smooth.  It’s just a study, but it was so liberating to just throw paint!


I chose to paint on oil primed paper.  It comes in a pad so I tore one sheet out and taped it to a board.  This surface is very absorbent and it took putting more thickness of paint on the surface to be able to blend.  Once I got the hang of how the paint reacted to the surface, I like it.  The only draw back is now I have to mount the paper to a board.

Here is the oil paper I tried.  Stonehedge Oil Paper