Monthly Challenge:  Do a Good Art Deed

For this month’s challenge we thought it would be wonderful to do a good art deed for someone.   We have found that giving always blesses the giver more than the receiver but both benefit from an act of kindness and our world needs more kindness.

Sharing our love of art has the power to connect people, building a sense of community and shared understanding. Whether creating or appreciating, individuals find solace in the beauty, complexity, and diversity that art brings to their lives, creating a pathway towards healing and well-being. Ultimately, art becomes a universal language that speaks to the soul, offering comfort, inspiration, and a transformative journey toward healing.

We’d love to hear what your good art did is so that we may all share in the joy. Feel free to post our our Inspired to Paint Student’s page.

Here are some ideas:

  • Donate art materials to a women’s shelter, nursing home, homeless shelter, school, Veterans etc.
  • Give a painting to someone who has been struggling
  • Offer to teach an art class or do a painting demonstration at a facility that could use some good deeds
  • Spend a day with a friend that has an interest in art
  • take someone to a museum or art show
  • Make cards out of one of your paintings and give to friends

Here’s our good art deeds.

For my good deed I gifted a portrait of a very good friend that is on his way to be with God.  He and his wife have been such good friends and art lovers for years.   Painting loved ones that you know are either on the other side or one their way is very difficult. My prayer was that I would capture his spirit and give his wife some wonderful memories as she looked at the portrait.



For my good deed I am sending calendars to good friends and art collectors that have been so kind to me over the years and supporting my art.