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What to expect from Inspired to Paint

Inspired to Paint is a membership site just like Netflix.   As long as you are a member you can watch the videos that are available in your plan. Each month new videos will be uploaded to the site.  You do not lose access to the previous month’s lessons.  It will be an ever growing library of videos for you to be inspired to paint.  If you like a video and want to buy a download version to keep even if you cancel you can do that too.  Just got to our Shop and purchase your download version.   If you cancel your membership you will lose access to the restricted content but not the free content.  You can put your membership on hold at any time and then reactivate it when you’re ready in your MY ACCOUNT page.  All the videos will be waiting for you to be inspired again.

You can upgrade or downgrade anytime between plans.

You DO need access to the internet to watch the videos.   If you have slow internet the videos may take awhile to load and might stop playing mid stream while your connection catches up.

We have found that using Chrome or Firefox is the recommended browser. Please download Chrome by clicking here and log into the site from Google and not Safari. Safari can cause playback issues with iPhones and Ipads.

If you are using Safari please see the setting steps necessary to be able to watch through Safari

We knew that when we launched there would be some glitches that would have to be ironed out.    Please be patient.  If you have any issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

How to upgrade your downgrade your subscriptions

If you would like to upgrade or downgrade your subscription then got to My Account from the Main Menu

Step 2. Click on “My Subscriptions”

Step 3:  Click on your Subscription Number

Step 4: Click on Upgrade or Change Subscription

You account will be prorated per your membership plan

All material contained in the website is protected by copyright laws. As a paid member you are granted permission to paint from the photo reference and copy the paintings for your personal use only. You are allowed to post your paintings on social media as long as you give credit to Inspired to Paint and or Elizabeth Robbins and Shanna Kunz and state that the work was painted from our membership course. You are not allowed to teach, share, or sell the content on our website to others.
Any work you do from your own photo reference is entirely your work and you own the copyright.

You are not allowed to do the following with work that is copied from our site:

Enter it into an art competition or exhibit
Submit it to a gallery for sale
Make prints, notecards, calendars or any print material from a copy of our work
Remove any copyright or watermark from images

Failure to abide by our terms will result in your account being closed. If you have profited from copied work you will/may be held liable for copyright infringement.

How do I change my payment method?

If you need to update a credit card, Click on “My Account” in the main menu. Click on “Subscriptions” then scroll down until see “Actions”.  Click on  “Change Payment” then enter your updated credit card number.

Update Payment Method

What’s the difference between the VIP and the ALL ACCESS PASS?2022-09-06T10:14:24-06:00

With our ALL ACCESS PASS, you are charged a recurring charge of $39.00 each month until you cancel.  With our VIP PASS you are purchasing access to all our content for the specific time period.  No recurring payment.

How do I cancel my account2020-12-11T09:41:13-07:00

If you would like to cancel or put your account on hold please log into your account.  Click on “My Account” from the main menu.  Click on “subscriptions”. Click on your subscription number and then click on “Cancel”.  You can also change your payment method from this page.  If you would ever like to come back, just log back in and go through the same steps but click on “Reactivate”


Can I watch the videos on any device?2020-06-18T09:29:27-06:00

Yes, as long as you have internet you can watch on a Mac, PC, laptop, iPhone, iPad, or tablet although you will have a more enjoyable experience watching them on a tablet or computer.  We have found that our videos play very well using Chrome.  If you are using Safari you might have some play back issues.  Please click here to learn how to watch in Safari

If I cancel, do I lose access to the videos?2020-04-03T05:20:54-06:00

Yes, You have access to all the content until you cancel.  If at any time you want to rejoin, you can do that and all the material will be there for your viewing.   You can purchase a download version any of our full length tutorials to keep even if you cancel!

Can I change Plans?2022-01-03T11:46:51-07:00

Yes.  You will need to cancel your current plan and reapply for the Premium Plan.  Once you’ve done that, you will see all the material from day one.  You won’t miss out on anything.

Do I need fast speed internet?2020-04-03T05:23:19-06:00

Yes, it will certainly make it more enjoyable.  If you have slow internet, the video could possibly stop for a bit until your internet “catches up”


What medium is taught?2020-04-03T05:23:48-06:00

Both Elizabeth and Shanna paint in oils and most instruction will be in oil, but the principles of art are the same regardless of medium.

Can I download the videos?2020-02-17T21:33:08-07:00

No, these videos will be streaming only but if there is an instructional video that you want to keep as a download, you can purchase the download version for a small additional fee.

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