November Challenge

For November’s challenge, I would like to push some compositional experiences!  I would like you to find an image (still life or landscape) that you have taken whether it is still life or landscape.  With that image and your knowledge of composition, I would like to see 4-6 very different thumbnails derived from that image.

I will attach some examples here.  Take risks, do one that is uncomfortable, one that feels traditional, do a close up of different parts of your image, etc. Remember, a thumbnail should only be about 2”x3” at the most.  it is not done as a drawing, it is done as shape making and shape placement, then make it 3-4 values only in black and white or greyscale.

Every time you do this, you learn composition!  Get used to designing how you “feel” about a subject.  Remember, it is our job to organize the “tyranny of things as they appear”.  Meaning, don’t just copy a picture to paint, compose that picture in a few different ways.  This is how you find yourself, what you are naturally drawn to, how to put emphasis on your center of interest!  Then if you are so inclined, please post away on our Inspired to Paint Student Page so others can see examples of your compositions!

Have fun with this and know that every time you get out of your comfort level you are LEARNING!!!

Here is my example of different composition using 3-4 value patterns;  Light, Medium and Dark

Kunz Inspired to Paint