Welcome to Inspired to Paint.  This is a free tutorial on how to paint daffodils in oils  If you are not already a member, I hope that after watching this tutorial you will be inspired to join our site and continue on your journey of becoming a better artists

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I received so many positive comments on my social media pages on the daffodil painting that I posted that I decided to do another one and film the process for our members.  In this lesson we paint daffodils in a glass vase.    I painted mine on a 11 x 14 oil primed linen canvas which I toned a few days ahead of time with Raw Umber and a bit of medium which is Neo Megilp.    Running time 1:24

I hope you are inspired to paint

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Painting from my Social Media

Click on the image below for the reference image.  Images are copyrighted by Elizabeth Robbins.  As a member of Inspired to Paint you are allowed to paint from these images for personal use only.  You are not allowed to paint from these images and then put a painting in a show or gallery for sale.  If you paint from the image and post to social media we ask that you credit Elizabeth and Inspired to Paint with the original painting.

Notan Reference Image

Click on image to download reference image

My finished painting.

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