Painting a Beautiful Evening Sky


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Running time 2:51

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Painting a Beautiful Evening Sky

The demonstration video this month is all about making a beautiful evening sunset.  My objective for this video is to expound on the concept lesson of making greys.  We will also talk about actual color vs. perceived color as we did in the concept lesson. 

Don’t we all just love a breathtaking sunset with all the glorious colors in the sky?  Then when you sit down to paint from your photo of that sunset, the colors become immediately garrish and it just looks completely unreal.  How do we paint those colors and make the sky feel honest?  The power is in the greys!  Again, to make a color pop, we need to put greys around it so they do not compete with the color, they harmonize with the color instead. 

In this video, I have done something quite different than my usual.  It might seem a bit tedious or difficult, but bear with me and just give this a try.  I know I learned more from putting this lesson together than any other lesson so far, maybe ever!  With my photo that I took on the Neuse River from a boat ride with my two little granddaughters, I used one of my favorite little tools called True Color – Mixing Assistant free app on my iphone.  I imported my photo into the app and took my little tool to find a vast array of colors in various parts of the image.  Here are some examples of actual color as well as the value study from the Notanizer App.  Running time 2:51


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