Member Spotlight:  Germaine De Luca

I am originally from New Jersey but currently based in Walnut Creek, California.  My medium is oil.  I have been painting since November 2011.  I continue to be inspired by light and shadows, along with those everyday moments of life that evoke in me emotional responses.  I paint Alla Prima, which means At First Attempt.  Completing a painting in one session allows for me to capture the emotion I am feeling when viewing the subject.

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Visit The Firehouse  Art Center where Germaine will have an upcoming show Oct 25th 2023

Meet Germaine

Germaine’s Studio

One of Germaine’s favorite paintings

Germaine De Luca

The Road Home 10 x 8

Germaine De Luca

Bottle and Fruit 8 x 10

Germaine De Luca

Painting by Edward Hopper