Robbins Brush Set

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A complete brush set recommended by Elizabeth Robbins


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We know how confusing it can be to choose the right brush so we’ve put together a brush set recommended by Elizabeth.   You get the following:

Sabletek 95510 series, size 2, 4, 8, 12, 14, 18, 22, 28
Sabletek 95590 Long Flat size 10
Sabletek 95530 Fan size 8
Vienna hog bristle filberts size 2, 4
P3 Palette Knife.
double ended wipe out tool

(NOTE: If a particular size brush is not in stock you will receive a different brush of equal or greater value

Royal SableTek™ brushes are engineered to retain shape, sharp points and crisp edges over time, allowing the artist to lay down optimum amounts of color with precision and ease. These brushes are constructed of premium quality, multi-diameter synthetic filaments. A percentage of filaments used have a unique “wavy” profile, giving the brush exceptional color carrying capacity. Ideal for use with acrylics and oils, these brushes mimic natural mongoose hair in control and response. Close-work artists and decorative painters prefer these brushes due to their precise control.

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