Painting Daffodils with Elizabeth Robbins


With this lesson you get both the concept lesson on a one hour challenge and the full length lesson on painting daffodils.  Reference images are included


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If you haven’t already watched Elizabeth’s video on materials, please click here

In this lesson we paint a higher key version of our concept lesson.  We focus on simplifying shapes and painting from a smaller image instead of a large one.   High key paintings are a bit uncomfortable for me.  I love them when they are done but there is still part of me that misses that drama from the dark background.  .

Make sure you watch the 2nd pass that I did a few days later.  I really find that especially when I’m filming I need to get away from the painting for a couple days so that I can come back and see what’s working and what isn’t.

I painted mine on an 18 x 14 oil primed Raymar panel L-21C

Running time Full Length Lesson 2:24

Running time Concept Lesson: 1:19




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