Our 3 day workshop hosted by The Monarch was a success.  Stay tuned for our next workshop for 2022.

Study Still Life with Elizabeth Robbins


Study Landscape with Shanna Kunz

You’ve probably seen us post many times about our studios at The Monarch.  40 creative studios along with a restaurant, event space and workshop space.  The Monarch has been working hard to get this workshop venue going and we are looking forward to having another workshop in 2022. Stay tuned!

Ogden, Utah is 45 minutes north of SLC.  A beautiful mountain community that will enchant you.

We also want to encourage to stay a day longer and see the sites.  University of Utah has a wonderful Art Museum as well as visit historic Temple Square.

Hotels and restaurants are within walking distance.  The Front Runner can bring you from the airport to Ogden, Utah where the Monarch is just 4 blocks away.

Elizabeth and Shanna

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Enjoy these previews from our Inspired to Paint Online Course


The Monarch will supply the Gamsol and the Neo Megilp (medium) for students.  Paint can be provided for an additional $25.00

Brushes and Canvases will also be available to purchase at the workshop

Elizabeth’s Supply List

Oil Paint. Below are Gamblin Colors

  • Titanium White
  • Cadmium Lemon
  • Cadmium Yellow Medium (Cadmium Yellow Pale if Winsor Newton)
  • Cadmium Orange (Cadmium Yellow Deep if Winsor Newton)
  • Cadmium Red Medium
  • Cadmium Red Deep
  • Indian Yellow
  • Yellow Ocher
  • Raw Umber
  • Transparant Earth Red (Transparant Red Iron Oxide if Rembrandt)
  • Alizarin Crimson
  • French Ultramarine
  • Cobalt Blue (optional)
  • Viridian
  • Ivory Black

About paints: I realize some of these colors are quite expensive but would prefer them over the Winton brand or any other “Student” quality paint.

Canvas:   I use C12 or L600 from www.newtraditionsartpanels.com   Ask Tim and tell him you are taking my workshop.  He knows what I like

  • Alternative is Centurian Oil Primed linen
  • Also bring some cheaper small canvas (8×10) for studies. You can also buy Canvas pads
  • that are pretty cheap for these studies

Other Supplies

  • *Large grey Toned Palette impervious to oils
  • Palette Knife
  • Paper towels
  • Gamsol
  • Gamblin’s Neo Megilp (medium)
  • Hand mirror
  • A willingness to learn
  • A sense of humor

BrushesClick here to purchase brushes

Hog Bristle filberts size 2, 4 6 or 1, 3 ,5.   I use Royal Vienna series but any good hog bristle brush will do
Royal Sabletek series 95510 sizes 2, 4, 6, 8 10, 14, 18. (various sizes)
Series 95510 size 24 or 26 or 28 large flat (at least 3/4” wide)

A 2 inch chip brush from hardware store.  (cheap Chinese bristle paintbrush)

I move back and forth between the sable flats and the bristle filberts. I like the sable flats in the shadowed areas when I want quiet passages of paint and I like the bristle filberts in the light areas so that I can add texture in the light.

Shanna’s Supply List

Oil Paint. Below are Gamblin Colors

  • Titanium Zinc White
  • Naples Yellow
  • Cad Yellow Light
  • Cad Yellow Deep
  • Cad Red Light
  • Quinacridone Magenta
  • Ultramarine Blue
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Cerulean Blue (hue is fine)
  • Sap Green
  • Pthalo Green
  • Transparent Earth Orange
  • Asphaltum
  • Quinacridone Violet. (these two mixed together, asphalt and violet, create a Raw Umber Violet.  Daniel Smith makes this color mixed)
  • Portland Warm Grey (optional)
  • Portland Cool Grey (optional)
  • Radiant Blue (optional)
  • Yellow Ochre
  • Raw Sienna
  • Torrit Grey when available
  • Neo Megilp
  • Gamsol
  • Gamvar Varnish (I use satin)

SUPPORTS:  Canvas or linen panel 

I like to use Claessens 66 single oil primed linen mounted to gatorboard

  • Paper towels
  • Apron
  • Palette – plastic, glass or wood – approx 11×14
  • Easel
  • Notebooks & Pen
  • Notanizer App on your phone or iPad
  • Photo editing App on your phone or iPad
  • Gamsol Holder/Cleaner]

BRUSHES. Click here to shop Kunz Brush Set

  • I love to use Princeton Brushes. There will soon be a set of them named after my preferences. 
  • I have a combination of Aspen and Catalyst lines.
  • Small, medium  and diamond shape palette knives

9650 Series Snap – Golden Synthetic Brush Series

1 inch wash A new brush series that’s determined to get you to like it. We think you’ll like the way they look. We know you’ll love the way they perform. Snap! ™ Brushes are fun, but not frivolous.

Aspen Series Aspen™ – Synthetic Bristle

Princeton’s Aspen™ combines several important benefits to artists: the brush retains its shape for control and placement of color, paint releases and glides evenly off the synthetic hairs. The brush can be used with all acrylic and oil paints including water-soluble oils. The non-glare ferrule makes Aspen™ perfect for outdoor painting. A beautiful brush only surpassed by its performance.

  • 1 #10 Bright
  • 1 #8 Bright
  • 1 #6 Bright
  • 2 #4 Bright
  • 1 #2 flat
  • 1 #4 filbert
  • 1 #2 round
  • 1 #4 flat

Royal Brush Company

  • LP1 Palette Knife 
  • Wipeout Tool