Member Spotlight:  Gary Bohannon

We love what our members are doing and Gary has been working hard painting everyday to become a better painter.   Gary is a wonderful musician that has played with some of the greats.

Gary says…..An  amateur practices until they get it right.  A professional practices until they can’t get it wrong

Visit Gary’s website at Gary Bohannon Fine Art

Gary Bohannon Inspired to Paint

We recently had a zoom chat with Gary and got to know him better and what drives him.  We hope you enjoy getting to know him as well.

I painted my friend’s dog, “Bo” for her birthday.  That’s my mom’s high school graduation picture on the right.  According to my grandfather, “Every damn boy in the whole county was after her.”  He kept a loaded shotgun by the front door and the back door to keep them at bay, lol

Gary paints everyday in his studio

Enjoy some of Gary’s work

This one’s purely invented.  Although, I guess they do have blue roses?  I stole the vase idea from your lesson on white… thank you!  Painted for a friend of my who lives in Kentucky and she wanted some blues roses

I always loved how romantic Gomez was with Morticia… and how she would clip the blossoms off the flowers he gave her.  I did this painting for a friend, who’s rather… goth.  She looked at it and said, “There’s no blood.” So I fixed it, lol

Below are a few Youtube videos that Gary has played in.