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Preview of Search and Destroy with Shanna Kunz

 I should probably call this Destroy and Revitalize LOL!  In the full length video, I will take an average painting, not one I’m overly attached to, and destroy it with glazes and changes in order to bring it to a more emotional and hopefully better state.  We will learn how to use glazing to create temperature shifts, value changes and compositional redesigns and learn what has to go and what should stay to make the painting better.  Sometimes they end up worse than the original, but we learn so much through self critique and evaluation that it is always a success of some kind.  You might learn something that can be brought into your next painting or try something you have never tried before. AND….. you might end up with a painting that is SO much better!

If we are not continually taking risks with our work, it can become predictable (and you know what I’ve said about that) and one painting starts looking like the next – safe!  It’s really tough to do this on a beautiful, new piece of linen, but taking a painting that has been around and you are not in LOVE with allows us to take liberties we would not normally take.  Enjoy and have fun!  You will start looking for older work to make anew!

Running time for full length video: 2:05