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Preview of Painting Resonance with Shanna Kunz

This instructional video is going to show you the importance of learning about value massing and simplifying information to organize your shapes into a 3-5 value pattern.  It is so easy to get lost in an image or in Plein air with too much information!  How do we give the appearance of a grassy meadow without painting every piece of grass?  One very large distinction from the master landscape painters compared to the amateur painters is the ability to reduce and simplify the scene to its most simple elements and present it as a visual and emotional statement.  This requires the painter to look for shapes and not “things”.  With the help of a great little app called The Notanizer, you can train yourself to see how connecting values together or planes together can create a large shape out of many things.  You can and should do this with small little thumbnail drawings as well.  In this video, I will introduce the Notanizer and a grey scale to break down and identify the large value masses, and eventually to translate them to color and temperature. 

Join me as I talk about dominance in all the elements of a painting – shape, value, color, temperature, and edges and at the same time learn technique, ground color, paint application and brushwork. 

Running time of full length video is 2:45